Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who's Not in the All-Star Game?

Maybe I just don't pay enough attention, but I barely have an idea who's playing in Tuesday night's All-Star Game. Every time I scan the headlines on or sports news outlets it seems there is a story about this player or that pulling out of the game.

My feelings about the game are mixed, but I usually watch it. Not being quite sure who's going to play (or if the players are really best in the game) is another knock against it, though. I know injuries have always caused changes to the lineups, but this year seems to be reaching new heights.

It used to be that the starting players stayed out on the field for most, if not all of the game. And even extra innings didn't bring on the "scrubs." In 1955, for instance, Stan Musial hit a game-winning home run in the 12th inning at Milwaukee County Stadium. And starting pitchers went three innings, unless the all-star hitters whacked them around.

Players named to the All-Star Game sound like Academy Award nominees: They love the "honor" but don't care much about winning or even playing. (Although, I think the actors really do want to win. I'm not so sure about the players.)

I foresee a time not so far from now hen so many players choose not to play that everyone in the league will be an "all star." Think of all those incentive clauses reached. The agents will have field day at contract time.

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