Monday, July 11, 2011

Are You Listening, Bud?

Another day and another bad idea from Major League Baseball. In his annual All-Star chat with fans, Commissioner Bud Selig talked about many things. Most of them were predictable (he evaded a question about the Dodgers and said no major realignment was "imminent')  but one was another one of those ideas that is just plain awful.

Selig said he wouldn't mind tweaking interleague play so that the designated hitter is used in NL parks. Conversely, pitchers would hit when NL teams visited AL stadiums. Selig likes the idea, he says, because NL fans would get a chance to see how game is played with the DH and AL fans would enjoy seeing pitchers bat.

I find that hard to believe. I know fans of both leagues and none of the Senior Circuit rooters have any interest in the DH. They find the concept, if it is brought up, loathsome. While some AL fans are affirmed backers of the DH, there are some who haven't warmed up to it after 39 years.

Personally, I was an AL fan first and the DH was OK back then. Because of the rule, I was able to see Hank Aaron play his final two years. He was well past his prime and in no shape to play the outfield, so DH was the only position he could have played.

Since the Brewers have moved to the NL, though, I have no interest in the Junior Circuit brand of ball. It's slower and lacks the strategy of the NL version.

Hopefully, this was just a trial balloon and Selig will hear it burst.

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  1. 1. The scourge of the DH will be with us until the next commissioner of baseball is elected.
    2. No one should be allowed to be elected the next commissioner of baseball unless they pledge to do away with the DH.
    3. In the mean time, I don't think it matters where it is used in interleague play (best if not at all).
    4. If we are going to add 2 more teams to the playoffs then the regular season needs to be shortened. Baseball should end in October period.
    5. As to realignment. I know you have talked about this in previous columns. I do not have a plan, but think the concept should be one where every team visits for at least one series a year. I dislike this unbalanced schedule for 2 reasons. First, you end up seeing the same teams over and over again. Second, there are great players whom you never get to see (I thought about this during the all-star game last night). I know the argument is that at the end of the season it means more to be playing teams in your own division. However, this could backfire if two teams are fighting it out to win the division and one is playing the last place team and the other the 3rd place team. A balanced schedule would be more fair to everyone.
    6. What is the deal with having your city host an all-star game so that your fans can boo the players? I hope Arizona never gets another all-star game.

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