Thursday, April 28, 2011

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

It had to happen eventually. Even in baseball, which is often behind the pop culture times, Twitter had to grab its attention. And Major League Baseball is not amused. It doesn't help that the perpetrator of what's being called baseball's first in-game tweets is Ozzie Guillen.

The White Sox manager has frequently made controversial statements regarding his own players, opponents and those in the media, among others. His tweets have been noted before, but now baseball is taking notice.

Guillen's latest controversy started after he was tossed form last night's game with the Yankees. By the time he hit the clubhouse, Guillen was already sending his thoughts into cyberspace. His mini-diatribe included the phrase "today tough guy show up a yankee stadium," an apparent reference to the ump who gave him the heave-ho. And the grammar is pure Ozzie.

Personally, I think Guillen's outbursts are good for the game. They might not always reflect well on him and they are mostly harmless. Lots of smoke and no real fire. And always entertaining.

Still, it's likely Guillen will pay a price, Baseball has a no-tweeting rule that extends to 30 minutes after a game, regardless of whether someone is ejected. And there's never a forum where managers can rip the men in blue. And that's OK. I doubt anything like a fine will keep Ozzie from being, well, Ozzie.

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