Monday, April 11, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame
(first I need to get a loan)

Yes, like the song, there was crackerjack. And at least two peanuts in among the caramel corn. But unlike the song there was a $105 ticket, a pricey club for lunch and a 3.5 hour game. Oh, and the home team didn't win. It was a shame.

The game was the Mets home opener last Friday against the Nationals. I wasn't planning on going, but my friend Kevin called and offered to take out to the ballgame. OK, that's a stretch, He did drive but he had two tickets to sell because of a family illness. Maybe I should have asked first (that's not true, I would have jumped at the chance anyway) but I said yes before asking the price.

In New York these days  tickets that break the three-digit barrier aren't uncommon. Still, I wonder if the teams are reaching a tipping point. It's common now to see empty rows of seats behind the plate. Most consider that the prime location to sit. Now, at hundreds of dollars  ticket, they are often empty either because they are unsold or businesses buy them to wine and dine clients and don't use them for many games. Meanwhile, the loyal Mets fans are left in the upper deck or the Pepsi Porch or other seats far from the field.

Will we see a game where the only people in the stands are relegated to the outfield and upper deck, while the best seats sit empty? Maybe that's a ways off. But if it happens, maybe the owners and players will wake up and realize the loyal fans are being ignored. Maybe they'll realize they need the loyal fans.

Nahh. That's just a fantasy. And that's a shame.

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