Sunday, June 5, 2011

Can't Escape Prince Rumors

Rumors of Prince Fielder's next destination
 are hard to avoid.
The last month or so has been a great time be a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers. After a listless start, the Crew has gone 19-6, the best record in baseball since May 9. The off-season moves to shore up the pitching are paying dividends and the hitting stars Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder are off to great starts.

But all is not tranquil. The rumors are already starting about where Fielder, a free agent after the season, will wind up in 2012. It's the archrival Chicago Cubs (that would be galling!) one day, the Baltimore Orioles the next. Or maybe the New York Mets. I hope somehow the big man remains a fixture at Miller Park, but it seems highly unlikely.

It's a sad fact of baseball that free agency often casts a shadow over a current season. The first time I remember it happening was during the 1991 World Series. Jack Morris pitched the Minnesota Twins to a World Series Victory. In the postgame show after Game 7, speculation was rampant about who Morris would sign with for 1992 (it was the Toronto Blue Jays.). So much for basking in a victory.

I'm not against free agency. Sure, it would be nice if team payrolls were more equal. But I doubt that will change. And even if Fielder leaves, the Brewers won't be an also-ran. They've done a good job locking up young players like Braun, Corey Hart, Rickie Weeks and Yovani Gallardo. Their starting rotation is locked up through at least next season.

So the future looks bright. But it sure would be nice to enjoy the present without having to consider the future without Prince.


  1. Prince Fielder will not be going to the Mets. They can't afford him. He will not be going to the Yankees. They don't need him. He will not be going to the Red Sox. After Mo Vaughn and David Ortiz, they don't need another lefty fat guy who can only DH at Fenway. He will not be going to Baltimore or Tampa Bay, or any number of other teams that can afford him, but refuse to spend big.

    The Cubs? Maybe. They have been known to sign one-dimensional sluggers, and they can afford him. But who knows, he might stay in Milwaukee.

  2. I generally agree with your analysis, but I'm not so sure about the Mets. It depends if they get away from Picard and the Madoff mess. And the new owner might exert more influence tan has been stated publicly. We'll see. I hope he does stay with the Brewers.

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