Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sports and Bin Laden II

One day of sports radio being turned over to serious news is good; two appears to be too many. I figured that today sports talk radio would return to the usual topics of baseball, picking apart every managerial move and lambasting one team or another's NFL draft.

Unfortunately it didn't work out that way. Rashard Mendenhall (OK, he plays football for the Pittsburgh Steelers), inserted himself into the Osama bin Laden discussion with his idiotic tweets about 9/11 being a conspiracy. I'm not exactly sure why anyone cares what someone who makes a living being hit in the head thinks, but his comments dominated WFAN for a time this afternoon.

It was hard to listen to. Silly comments from listeners that invoked the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II (one caller was quick to say he wasn't saying whether that policy was right or wrong) were cringe-inducing.

The morning announcers, Evan Roberts and Joe Beningo, had it right when they addressed a question about why they weren't talking about the tweets. They just didn't think it was worth their time

Enough said.

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